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"He really feels sorry for the fans. He knows that being a fan is difficult, so after every performance he tries so hard to bow and wave towards the audience — this is gratitude expressed from the bottom of his heart. This person, is also always the last to walk down the stage. Even when the lights have already dimmed out, he is still unwilling to leave. He really can’t bear to leave his fans.”

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While Kyungsoo and Lay were having some good time;


Chen was very subtly placing a hand on Lay’s back.


and now when Lay noticed the younger guy from behind him earlier; kyungsoo was making a step away.


Lay kinda hesitated to let him go at first. But a hand was holding him…


Hello friends, i recently hit 1,000 followers and i would like to show my followers that i appreciate them.

So i found a few things i thought you guys might like.

Firstly I’d like to thank zhnqixing for the artwork, its really awesome you guys should follow her.

Here are the rules:

  • Must be following me
  • Likes and reblogs count, so you can reblog how ever many times you want.
  • No giveaway blogs(i will be checking)
  • Worldwide shipping, so you must be okay with giving me your address
  • Do not remove text!
  • This will end on June 20th, 2014.
  • Winner will be chosen by
  • If the winner fails to respond, in two days, a new winner will be chosen
Here’s what you’ll receive. I figured many of my followers are ladies, so i thought i’d do a mashup of beauty and kpop stuff.
  • EXO M Overdose Mini Album + Poster
  • EXO K Overdose Mini Album + Poster
  • EXO Stardium Photocards (All 12 because they only come in a set)
  • EXO Stardium T-Shirts (Lay and Sehun) I already had them but never wore them.
  • EXO XOXO Hug Ver.
  • B.A.P Vol. 1 First Sensibility
  • SNSD Hyoyeon Mr. Mr. Button set.
  • SHINee Mini Album Everybody
A lot of stuff right? 
I am really interested in Korean beauty products and I have many of the these products and i’d figure someone would like to try them also.
Moving right along:
  • 3 Concept eyes Lip Crayon - Bon Bon and Bohemian Pinl
  • 3 Concept Eyes Eyelashes - #13 Extravagant Party Queen and #12 Voluminous Extended
  • 3 Concept Eyes - Eyebrow Kit
  • Etude House - Cherry Lip Tint
  • Etude House - Oh~ m’ Eye Line (#01 Black)
  • Etude House - Collagen Eyepatch
  • Eye Am Not Tired - Eye patch (works well for dark circles)
  • Innisfree - Pore clay mask
  • My Beauty Diary - Black Pearl Mask
So that’s pretty much it, i really hope you guys like what I’ve put together. You have plenty of time to reblog and good luck!

[ENG Translation] Some of Kris's Well-Known Sayings


Life may not be perfect, but if it were perfect, there would be no fun in living it.

Thanks to you, everything is just fine. I’m a dragon and I can fly.

I wish I could fly, then I would be able…

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