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What is tumblr?

Two minutes ago my mother asked me what tumblr is.
What I said: It’s a plattform where you can meet people with the same interests like you. Ah and you have a blog were you can post stuff and you can reblog and like stuff.

What I wanted to say: tumblr is the sacred place where all fangirls and fanboys can be theirselves in fangirling/-boying, where you can be as stupid/crazy/whatever you want and there are still people like you. You can scream and communicate via “adfsbjjygbksp” and they will still understand you. They are your friends even if you haven’t met them in real life. They’re just as crazy as you are.

But then I thought I couldn’t say this without giving my mother a heart attack o.O

Bigbang smut

Isn’t this weird? I searched for bigbang ffs (rated M) smut and staff like this on If I tag T.O.P-oppa I only find BDSM and hard Sex or stuff where someone dies. If I add a “fluff” tag I only find storys with Youngbae or Daesung. Isn’t this kinda weird? I wanna read something different u.u
If somebody knows some good Bigband smut ffs - please message me!

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